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Good Health is not the absence of symptoms, but the presence of Peace!


Can I incorporate Energy Medicine into my existing healthcare routine?

Absolutely, Energy Medicine can be leverage independently or integrated into existing practices. The goal is to have all healthcare professional work together to compliment each other in support of their client’s needs. It is recommended that you continue to see your doctor and/or other healthcare professionals on a regular basis and share the results and/or changes you may experience within your sessions. 


How do I prepare for a session?

Make a list of your concerns. Write down the symptoms that have been nagging for days, months, and years. Nothing is seemingly too insignificant or vague: tiredness, pains, loss of physical functioning, and angry or sad feelings around someone you love or aversion to certain substances could all qualify. Just think of the things in your life that irritate or slow you down - occasionally - or always!  And don’t forget about the future and/or positive changes you would like to make; new career, expand your consciousness, etc.


What do I wear during a session?

Although there is no specific dress required for a session, it is important that you are comfortable. Wear loose fitting cotton (or any other natural material) clothing if possible, remove jewelry, belt buckles and other electronic devices from your body. The treatment room are completely private so you may bring a change of clothing if necessary. Please refrain from wearing strong scents and/or smoking just prior to the session.


Do I need to fill our paperwork for the session?

Before your first appointment, you will need to fill out a detailed confidential medical history form. This provides your life’s history, current symptoms and indicates what you want to address and/or explore during the session. Click here to access the intakeform.


What can I expect during the session?

Frequently clients convey that they feel a sense of serenity and relaxation. There is also a noticeable decrease in stress levels, and some alleviation of symptoms immediately following a session. The more sessions you have, the more you will notice the improvements in your overall health and well-being.


What can I expect after the session?

Note within the first 24 to 48 hours after the session you may experience increase symptoms as your body clears the energy blocks bringing balance to affected areas.  Immediately after a session you may, in some cases, feel ill. You are encouraged to drink lots of water following a session, for a day or two you may need to use the washroom often. Toxins that have blocked the natural, healthy flow of body processes are being secreted. During these first few hours, you may notice some awareness or feelings in parts of your body you hadn’t noticed for a while. You may enjoy some new clarity, deep relaxation, or subtle changes in overall functioning. When we begin to feel good again, we blessedly and quickly forget how bad pain and discomfort can be. Moving so quickly and effortlessly into a healthy functioning body, some clients simply forget that the session they had only the week before is the reason why even chronic conditions have disappeared for good.


What can the sessions address?

This is a frequently asked question, and an easy one to answer! Energy Medicine can address anything! It works with your body on a completely individual basis. You may have a number of conditions or ailments or you may just lead a stressful life. Your body will direct the session to highlight what you need to be identified, and in what order so that your body balances and reconnects itself. It truly is your body that is doing the healing; the practitioner is merely highlighting the issues that need to be addressed. Healing does not always mean a cure.


This will help you to reconnect to your true natural state. You will feel more calmness in your life, less tension and drama; you will feel more energized and healthy.


How will I know the sessions are working for me?

For most clients, there are shifts that are experienced in the first session. You will initially notice a sense of calmness, some people experience immediate pain relief, while others notice they are not as reactive to their outside environment. Changes are sometimes so subtle that it will be a loved one or your practitioner that has to point out your changes.


Should I stop taking or change my medicine after an energy session?

It is not the position of an energy medicine practitioner to diagnose and/or prescribe drugs. As previously mentioned, it is important to continue to see your doctor and discuss changes and/or new symptoms you experience from your sessions. Only upon the recommendation of your doctor should you consider any changes.


What is the benefit from receiving regular sessions?

Energy Medicine is used as preventative healthcare as well. It is proven in mainstream science, that day to day life stressors are what compromise our body and our mind. Many people find that their general life improves greatly by maintaining their sessions on a regular basis. We take our vehicles to have maintenance every few thousand kilometres to make sure they continue working for us, why not apply this concept to our bodies!


After each session, your healing intelligence is asked when the optimal time for your next session is. Keep in mind that the response is based on the conditions that your healing intelligence is aware of at that moment. So becoming aware of your own bodymind and when energy or the balance shift happens, helps you to take conscious responsibility for your own health and wellness.


Why not try Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is safe and holistic in its approach to re-establishing the optimum health of the client. Why wouldn’t everyone want to experience this? Also heath care practitioners, who have a respect for the power of human bodymind, would serve their clients well by learning more about energy medicine techniques and how they can be applied in their own practice and/or profession.


Why Kim does recommend her clients to take the BodyTalk Access training?

Energy BodyTalk Access provides the layperson with a simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible. By having her clients know how to perform these daily routines, it allows them to take care of the simpler health challenges such as; maintenance of bodymind balance, energy/stress threshold, immune function, hydration levels, communication within physical aspects of the body, and management of body chemistry invasions such as colds/virus/toxins. Then when the client comes to Kim the focus can be on a deeper, emotional, genetic transformation level. For information on Bodytalk Access click here.






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