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Spiritual Workshops and Intuitive Counselling with Kerrilynn Shellhorn!

Kerrilynn an empathic, medium herself is a mother of four sensitive intuitive children who have taught her first hand the joys and challenges of raising the "Children of today". She has completed The Children's Garden Yoga and Reiki "growing the whole child" teacher training programme.  She is also a children's meditation facilitator. Kerrilynn travels extensively to hos workshops on spiritual parenting and has been invited to be the quest speaker at holistic workshops and schools to discuss her thoughts and share her experiences of Spiritual Parenting.
Understanding Mediumhship - In this interact class, the participants worked with Kerrilynn through exerciess and guided meditation to understand mediumship. Discussion included;  Understanding out vibrations, different methods of connecting with spirit (psychometry, channelling, using out knowing, seeing and hearing), and understanding signs and symbols. The last half of the class was an open gallery of the messages from Spirit that Kerrilynn conveyed to the participants.  Kerrilynn thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.  We look forward to future refreshers and mentoring workshops.

Spiritual Workshops and Angel Readings with Elizabeth Foley!


Elizabeth Foley of Divine Healing is an international Angelologist, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Radio and Talk Show Host and Author. Elizabeth holds a Masters Degree in both Counselling and Public Health from Bosth University and is currently a doctoral candidate in Metaphysics at the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Elizabeth conducts private angel readings and facilitates unique spiritual workshops and programs on angels, psychic development and soul therapy.



Developing Your Inner Power-Part 1 on Monday October 19th (6:30-9:30 pm) this is the psychic development class Part 1 and 2 for $100
Do you know what the word psychic means? Do you know that everyone is psychic? Everything that you need is already inside yourself. Your inner guidance and intuition can take on many different forms like images, visual impressions or mental pictures, a knowingness, gut feelings or hearing your own inner voice. During this workshop, you will begin the process of remembering your God given gifts. You will have the opportunity to awaken your own psychic abilities, have some fun and experience conducting an intuitive reading. 
 Developing Your Inner Power-Part 2 on Tuesday October 20th - (6:30-9:30 pm)
Living as a Master in the 5th Dimension on Wednesday October 21st - at 6:30-10 pm workshop for $50
During this powerful workshop you will learn self-empowerment techniques which are designed to enhance one's connection to the Higher Self. This workshop will cover the definition of what is a Master and what is the fifth dimension. There will be introduction to the universal laws and how they are the key to mastery in the fifth dimension, learning to balance the mental and emotional bodies, working with the electromagnetic gridline, learn the behavior protocol for the 5th dimension and working with the universal language of light and sacred symbols as you journey to the higher realms of consciousness.



Faery and Angel FUNshop for Children with Kerrilynn Shellhorn


  • 11 children and their parents came out to discover how to connect with their faeries and Guardian Angels. They participated in short guided visualizations and create their own unique Faery Door.
  • Tuesday July 28, 6-7:30pm
  • $30/child & parent


Summer Solstice Celebration - Sunday June 21 - 2:00pm


Lots of fun was had by all the attended, celebrating with the host, Mother Nature; Drumming meditation, Kirtain chanting, guest speakers, holistic information booths, good food and closing fire ceremony. 


Check out the pictures.


Don't forget to mark your calendars for next year's event which will be held on Saturday June 19th, 2010.  Watch for upcoming news.





Crystal Clear Energy with Judi Bechard on Saturday May 30th


click here for details on workshop


It was a beautiful day to get out at lunch hour and absorb the information while strolling through the labyrinth.  Judi, thanks for sharing your wisdom, techniques and crystals.  Kim 



Earth Day Celebration - Wednesday April 22 - 7:00pm




Spiritual Parenting - Parenting with Heart with Kerrilynn Shellhorn

This spiritual parenting workshop is a transformation experience that helps shift how we look at our roles and the roles of our children in our families.  It is an open, honest look at how to parent in today's world remembering and honouring that we are all connected. Kerrilynn guides you through two moving exercies that help access and remove any blocks that may be preveninting you from parenting in the way you most desire.  Kerrilynn draws from her own personal experiences to add authenticity and humour to this interactive workshop.

Great attendance and inspiration from Kerrilynn! 

Thank you Kerrilynn for sharing your knowledge and experience!   Kim 

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The goal in offering the spiritual events and workshops is to assist others in acquiring skills and techniques that will allow them to improve or maintain overall balance while living a more conscious life.

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