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To inspire confidence in Energy Medicine as an integrative healthcare choice, providing healing services that contribute to optimal well-being so you can enjoy a more conscious and fulfilling life


                                                       Kim Corbin


                                                                                                             Reiki Master, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner – PaRama Level

                                                                                                              Member of International BodyTalk Association










                         You are not your thoughts or emotions!



                 You are the awareness of your thoughts or emotions! Eckhart Tolle



Kim’s strong ethics, values, intuitive skills (attributed to over 20 successful years in corporate business leadership) and desire to see others succeed has guided her involvement on school councils and many local charities over the years.  Suffering from headaches/allergies for years and being a mother of three amazing children with learning disorders (AD/HD) led her to explore and become a strong advocate for various holistic complimentary care choices such as nutrition, vitamins/supplements, Yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and other spiritual theories such as Indigo Children.


To accelerate her own healing as well as that of her sons, Kim’s first hands-on experience with energy medicine was taking Reiki Level 1 in late 2004.  After her first attunement, she knew this was opening up a whole new path of spirituality and personal wellness for her and her family. Shortly following in April 2005 she came across BodyTalk.  Once she started to experience results with this energy medicine technique, she then brought her sons on board for their learning disorders.  Although she and her sons had experienced prior progress, the results were radically improved with BodyTalk.


Kim attended BodyTalk Modules 1 and 2 in September 2005 and became a practicing member in January 2006. She has since completed most of the advanced BodyTalk levels including PaRama level 1 & 2 taught by the founder John Veltheim.  To expand her service offering Kim has achieved Reiki Master Level status as well as studied Family Systems Evaluation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (Meridians, their patterns, and relationship to body/organs), Quantum Touch, Akashic Records, DNA/Sacred Blueprint, and various crystal, vibrational, and multi-dimensional healing techniques.


Kim’s clients who suffered from chronic pain, emotional stress, personal trauma, and/or seeking direction in their lives have experienced remarkable results.  She is excited because she knows individuals can experience extraordinary life changes – and greater peace - after just a few sessions.  In naming her company Nature’s Intention, Kim weds the rehabilitative, flowing qualities of nature with her Labyrinth Garden, her energy medicine practice and her personal passion to assist her clients identify and follow their divine path.  Being an avid learner and curious human being, she continually expands her intuitive and multi-dimensional skills and conscious awareness ultimately deepening her own spiritual peace.






Nestled on 4.5 acres just on the outskirts of Woodstock for peace and tranquility.



For more information or to book a session contact:


Kim Corbin


((519 535-1692



 545342 Pattullo Ave

Woodstock, Ontario

N4S 7W3



Kim Corbin


519 535-1692



Inspirational quotes from clients:

  • After just two sessions, I have renewed energy and a reduction in pain through out my body. It feels like a heavy weight has been lifted - Susan 42
  • Chad (9yrs) has been seeing Kim for about 6 months now. I have found with Chad that he is a more secure, confident child.  He can do his homework now without having a meltdown and saying that he can't get it, do I have to do this all right now.  He just studies the work and I ask him the questions and he can give me the answers.  Thanks Kim you are awesome! - Sarah 36
  • When I first came to Kim, I was trying to make a decision on an unhappy  relationship. Each session allowed me to quiet the mind and release the anger/ anxiety I held. After three sessions, I was well positioned with a decision and plan to move forward - Greg 47
  • I always feel so rejuvenated and fresh after a session. I have been experiencing Bodytalk as required over the last two years and I have never felt so balanced, healthy, relaxed, and joyful. - Lois 46
  • I have a clearer mind, able to focus in school for better results. It also helped to clear many allergies / toxins through out my body that resulted in acne and other health issues. - Kyle 19
  • During the session a lump in my breast was identified, Kim recommended that I have it checked out by my doctor. The early stage of cancer was identified, giving me the ability to address it early.  - Fran 36
  • While on winter retreat in Arizona, I received distance sessions from Kim experiencing immediate results, it still amazes me. - Jane 71
  • Soon after I got sick, the location I just moved into felt heavy not bright and cheerie like I had envisioned.  Kim came and gave me and my new location an energy medicine treatement.  The next day I felt great and so did my new building. What a relief.  Kim's sessions go where modern medicine can't.  Wanda


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