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April 2009 Newsletter


Earth Hour on Satuday March 28 - 8:30pm - a great success!

Did you participate?  I know we did in our home and it was a lovely, quiet celebration demonstrating how the world can bond together for a similar cause.  A friend of my in Woodstock, mentioned it was a amazing to watch all the lights go out in the homes in her neighbourhood. 


Thanks Canada for participating and setting an example for the world, see response from WWF - Canada .


Don't miss our Earth Day celebration on April 22, 2009!  See details under Upcoming Labyrinth events.



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Upcoming Labyrinth Events - Drop - in 


Earth Day Celebration - click for more info

Wednesday April 22 starting at 7:00pm

Special Guests will be:

Drumming Meditation with Rozanna Rousseau of Life Matrix by design

Chanting - Lalitadevi of Little Mango Tree and Gita Chavda of Serendipity. 



Upcoming Workshops - Book now only a couple of seats left!


Crystal Clear Energy - Judi Bechard



Good Day

What fabulous weather we had for our Easter weekend.  All the kids in our family were delighted to be chasing around the Labyrinth and property looking for easter eggs.  Unfortunately the gopher and Canada geese were a little irritated but they quickly got used to sharing their space. 

Our first Wellness Clinic held on Saturday March 21st had light attendance but was a wonderful opportunity for fellow energy practitioners to come together to share their experiences and skill.  As we all know it is very important for all of us to be taking good care of ourself and helping each other grow personally and professionally.   Thank you to Annelies Toller of BodyTalk London for her specialty in BodyTalk and family dynamics, Pat Gooch for her strength in Quantum Touch and Martie Douglas for her unique talents in Reiki and Sacred Geometry.   Next Clininc will be held on Saturday June 13th, mark your calendars.   

The Spiritual Parenting workshop on Monday April 6th with Kerrilynn Shellhorn of Empowered Families was well attended with 20 participants and received very positive feedback.  Kerrilynn shared her heart-felt and humourous tips for conscious parenting.  Kerrilyn hosts a weekly Spiritual Parenting radio show on Wednesday at 4:00pm on  All shows are recorded for viewing at your leisure as well.  Kerrilynn, thanks for the enlightening day and sharing your intuitive gift with many.  I trust we will be together again soon. 






The source of all healing and wellness is within you!


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Connecting Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

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Tip for Month

Tap your Cortices out once a day for improved health.  Cortices is one of the core techiques within the BodyTalk System.  Cortices is designed to balance communication between the two hemispheres of your brain for improvements in thinking ability, memory, concentration, stress reduction, and feelings of well being.

This technique is one of 5 taught in the BodyTalk Access class see below for upcoming local class.

For more information watch the Cortices video with Dr. John Veltheim.