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June 2009 Newsletter


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Upcoming Labyrinth Events :


Summer Solstice Celebration - 2nd Annual

Sunday June 21 from 2:00pm to 6pm


Come out, unwind, and experience personal growth and fun with Mother Nature as the backdrop. The event will feature a drumming meditation, Kirtan chanting, holistic booths and guest speakers on mediation, yoga, energy balance, along with  good food and a closing fire ceremony. 

Hope to share the Day with you !


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Upcoming Workshops:

  Crystal Clear Energy - Judi Bechard


Due to the great success of the May 30th workshop we have decide to repeat the event.  Share this great news with friends or family that may enjoy!


Good Day

I am so excited to finally see some sunny weather and the rain reducing.  The Labyrinth is officially ready for the season and looks forward to many new visitors.  When dropping by, please remember to sign the quest book. 

On Saturday May 30th it was my pleasure to host Judi Bechard for the 'Crystal Clear Energy' workshop.  We had 16 participants absorbing Judi's knowledge and experience allowing them to better understand their own energy and how to keep it harmonized by leveraging various techniques and crystals.  It was a beautiful spring day which allowed us to get out and walk the labyrinth during our lunch break.  Thank you to Kyle Corbin for putting on a very healthy and nutritional lunch (hey he is available for hire, hehe).  Due to the success of this workshop I will be hosting a repeat on Saturday September 19th.   For those that attended May 30th and are eager for more advance knowledge you will be happy to know that Judi and I are in discussion for me to host her entire 'Crystal and Healing Program" series with possibly the first module in October.  Stay tuned for more info. 

As many of you may be aware I am going to be a Grandma in July.  As I ponder what this means to me I get so excited.  I eagerly wait to hold this new little one and be able to spoil it with love and light.  I know that I have a little crystal baby coming since she/he has already started to communicate with me from the womb.  As I think about the sensitivity of this new little soul, I start to review the many external influences that may affect its healthy development.  My immediate area of concern is the decision "to vaccinate or not and if so, how".  I know from experience in my practice that I have yet to see a client that doesn't need at least one of their vaccines cleared because of its effect on their body.  I am so lucky that my son, Kyle and his partner Annie, are open to holistic methods and expect to raise their children on a strong holistic and spiritual path.  So in light of this, see my Tips for great sites to do some of your own research.

The source of all healing and wellness is within you!


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Connecting Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

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Tips for the Month


Young or old one of the true indicators for a healthy life is a strong immune system.  With all the toxins we absorb or put into out bodies every day our immune function struggled to maintain its optimal function.  Do yourself, your family and your friends a favour and do some research of your own on what would help you maintain a healthy immune function.  I have list below a few website that you may find interesting:


"Are Vaccines Safe" , by Mary Tocco


"Understanding the Vaccine Controversy", by Roger R. Gervais B.Sc., D.C., N.D  


If choosing to vaccinate and looking for a natural source, I have found a Homeopathic Physician in London that offers homeopathic vaccines at a very reasonable cost. For more information contact, John Somerton BSc.,HD (RHom) at either 519-472-8541 or email


Excellence natural product reference - The Guide to Less Toxic products -


Recommended Reading:


Recognize and honour your child's spirit with "Child of Mine, Know This" by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton


"How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor" by Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D.