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Labyrinth Events :


Summer Solstice Celebration - 2nd Annual


On Sunday June 21 we were blessed with a gorgeous first day of Summer for our second Annual Labyrinth Celebration.  The unfortunate point is that it was also Father's Day so attendance was down from last year.  In light of this we will hold our celebration on Saturday June 19 next year. Those that attended enjoyed a Drumming meditation with Rozanna Rousseau, Kirtan Chanting from Lalitadevi and Shuddhi, a Qi Qong demo by Jocelyn Brock, Crystal display with Judi Bechard, Kids crafts and games with Annie and Emily Stewart, Healthy Food by Kyle Corbin and the Happy Monks and many other holistic and craft displays. Check-out the pictures from the event!


Book your calendars for next year, Saturday June 19th.



Faery and Angel FUNShop for Children ( 4 - 11 in age)

On Tuesday July 28th,  we had 11 children and their parents attend this fun event which was geared to teaching child about the energy around them including that of how to call in their angels and faeries.  The children learned about a few of the angels names, what attracts faeries, experienced short meditations, and made a faery door to take home for their garden.  The children and parents enjoyed themselve so much no one wanted to go home.  Check out the Photo album above for pictures of the event.


Watch for future children's events. 


Next Upcoming Workshop:

Crystal Clear Energy - Judi Bechard


Due to the great success of the May 30th workshop we have decide to repeat the event.  Share this great news with friends or family that may enjoy!


Good Day

Rain, cold, rain, cold go away... Come again in another month or so!  Where but in Canada can we experience such interesting weather. I heard on the radio the other day that this July has been the coolest July since 1917.   Now since I am not that old I can not compare but I think we are all in need of a little dry sunny weather to dry out our bodies before fall sets in.  You gotta love all the green grass, healthy plants and trees though.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to experience a few of those life changing moments.  The moments represent all the stages of life:

All the moments will forever be remember, some amazing, some joyous and others sad endings which will alter the future for many.  As we move foward in our lives, we will always have up and down moments but it is what we do with the moments is important, acknowledging our emotions and supporting/ cherishing our friends and loved ones to live a conscious life.

Take 10 seconds connect into your heart and just take a few deep breaths of life!

The source of all healing and wellness is within you!


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Connecting Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

Other Fall Workshops and Events at Nature's Intention


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Tip for the Month


Finding the silence and peace through Meditation


Meditation is not just a spiritual practice but is now being recognized as has having many benefits from a physical, emotional and psychological perspective. 


I have always struggled with meditation and not necessarily found a technique that worked for me because I was of the opinion that people were making it too difficult. I can lose myself in the flow when I am weeding my garden or working on my stained glass art so why can't I find a meditation technique that work for me!


Well at the end of June, I attended the 'First Sphere' Meditation weekend sponsored by Datri and Agni, the Happy Monks.  I have finally found a simple and power technique that works like pixie dust for me.  The beauty about this method is you can also do it with you eyes closed or open.  So image standing in the line at the grocery store and doing your meditation.  How amazing is that. 


Since I love the technique so much I wanted to share with others so I am hosting a meditation weekend on September 25 - 27.  Please check out the events page for more details.  Special note a $40 discount if you register prior to September 7th.


Hope you can make it out, it will help you find the silence and peace you have been seeking!


Recommended Reading: 


This is just a quick list of tips I read in the Sentinel Review paper yesterday that I felt give great advice in the environment we live in right now!


How to nurture childhood:

Rather than telling your child what to do, guide them into making the right decision. Talk with your child, find out what your child wants and then help them problem solve and break the task down into small amounts so he/she can get there.


I couldn't have said it better myself.


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