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Saturday June 19th will be our 3rd Annual Labyrinth Celebration.  We have quite a few holistic practitioners already registered for the event, offerings such as Drumming meditation, Kirtan Chanting, Mediumship readings, Meditation, Yoga, Bodytalk, Quantum Touch, Akashic Records, Crystals, natural products and wholesome foods. The Goal this year is to bring in a greater variety of talent and holistic practitioners broadening the awareness of what complementary services are available.  Mark your calendar and watch for more updates in next newsletter.

The source of all healing and wellness is within you!


                        Kim Corbin     -       519 535-1692 - 

Connecting Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

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Returning by popular demand, Kerrilynn Shellhorn.  an empathic, medium and mother of four sensitive, intuitive children shares her experiences and knowledge with you.  Kerrilynn and I are offered our first monthly Intuitive Family Support Group on Tuesday February 23rd.  The forum opened with an Intuition survey to allow each attendee to get to know their strengths and then we allow to evening to take it own path with many visitors and learnings for all.  Just a reminder that our second meeting is Tuesday March 23rd at 6:30pm with a cost of $25. All future meetings will be on the 4th Tuesday of every month.  Please rsvp your attendance to Kim.  Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening.   Check the events calendar for future dates.


Healthy Tips


Last Sunday, I attended an Ayurvedic workshop hosted by the Little Manago Tree with special quest Mahduri from Vancouver.  Madhuri is a Clinic Ayurvedic Specialist, Ayurvedic Body Therapist and Yoga teacher. It is a pleasure to be with her and share in her wealth of experience and knowledge for health and well-being at all levels; Body, Mind, heart and Soul.


Ayurveda literally means the knowledge and wisdom of life. It is the healing system of India, sometimes referred to as the mother of all healing. It originated in India over 5,000 years ago and is still being used today. It aims to assist us in journeying back to optimal health by balancing the five elements in the body and mind through the use of herbs, diet, colors, aromas, lifestyle changes, yoga, and meditation along with other five sense therapies. Yoga & Ayurveda are a complete approach to healing and balancing the body, mind and spirit.


I share this with you just to reinforce that there are so many ancient wisdom that traditional medicine over looks.  It is only by taking into account the whole person and what their unique needs are that we achieve optimal well-being. 


If you are not familiar with Ayurveda, I recommend that you take time to investigate books, workshops and/or even consult with a practitioner.  It certainly reminded me in the workshop that are so many little changes I can make in my life for significant benefit to my health, peace of mind and life expectancy. 


Take note below that Little Mango Tree is hosting a Yoga Studies with Wandering Yogi Swami Maheshananada in June.  See below in other community events for more info.


 Spring - Please call and book your spot today to avoid disappointment!

Elzabeth Foley

Elizabeth, EdM, MPH is the owner of Divine Healings located in Nashua New Hampshire.  She is a certified Reiki Mater, Integrated Energy Therapist and Angel Therapy Practitioner (R) and holds Masters Degrees in Counselling and Public Health and a Doctoral candidate in Metaphysics at the American Institute of Holistic Theology.  She has presented at 2005 Bershire Paranormal Conference and has appeared on various radio and television shows.  As an international Angelologist she conducts private readings and sessions and facilitates unique spiritual workshops and programs on angels, intuition development and soul therapy.  


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Spring 2010 Newsletter

Namaste, Kim 


Spring is just around the corner! I hope you take the time to get outside on Saturday to enjoy the first day of spring.  Where has the first quarter of 2010 gone, time just seems to be quickening!  It makes me appreciate every day even more. 

I can already see the early signs of vegetation life peeking up in the Labyrinth.  I have taken several walks over the last few weeks.  It is truly ready to come out and play again.  I look forward to the getting out there and readying the garden for visits.


As I sit her comtemplating what to write about.. all I am getting is a sense of peace..  and writer's block.  hehe!


So I am going to leave it at this..  I hope you find time today or over the weekend to  quiet the mind and feel the peace within!









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Pete, congratulations on your book launch!!.. I wish you great success.