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Saturday June 19th is our 3rd Annual Labyrinth Celebration.  We have a great line-up of talent and holistic practitioners and vendors lined up such as: beautiful song from Pam Gerrand of Stratford, Drumming meditation, Kirtan Chanting, Mediumship Readings, Meditation, Yoga, Bodytalk, Quantum Touch, Reflexology, EFT, Akashic Records, Angel Readings, Crystals, natural products and wholesome foods, etc.. The goal this year is to bring in a greater variety of talent and holistic practitioners broadening the awareness of what complementary services are available. The overall theme also being finding PEACE within ourselves and the earth.  I hope to see you out! 

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Here is a link to a link to one of Pam Gerrand's song that I am sure you will enjoy.   Love is All 

The source of all healing and wellness is within you!


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Connecting Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

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It is spring..  are you ready to clear your clutter?  Please join this fun and interactive workshop held by Antoinette Adjarusaro.  Click here for more info 



Healthy Tips


Slow Death By Rubber Duck..  How the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health. 


Yes, the above is a reference to a book by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie.  I recently heard Rick speak and although I am very aware of the affects of the chemicals in and around our life, I still felt sick to my stomach and angered at how we got here.   Is it our need to make life too convenient, with too much emphasis on every smelling and looking beautiful. 


The truth of the matter is that toxic chemicals are now found at low levels in countless applications, in everything from personal care or cleaning products, plastic products, cooking pans to electronics, furniture, cars, clothing, building materials and children's toys.  They make way into our bodies through our skin, food, air, and water.  From the moment we get up from a good night's sleep under wrinkle-resistent sheets (treated with carcinogen formaldehyde) to the time we go to bed at night after a snack of microwave popcorn (interior of the bag coated with indestructible chemical that builds up in the body), pollution surrounds us. 


Not surprising, a large and growing body of scientist research links exposure to toxic chemicals to many ailments that plague people, including several forms of cancer, reproductive problems and birth defects, respiratory illnesses such as asthma and neurodevelopment disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.


Educate yourself and take action for the health and wellness of yourself, your loved ones and our Earth.


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May 2010 Newsletter

Namaste, Kim 


I am so pleased that I consciously chose to be a mother in this life.  Don't you just love the above image for me it represents what motherhood is all about, unconditional love and support.  I am blessed that each of my three sons visited or called to acknowledge their heart-felt love and appreciate for your journey to date.  My sons give me as much as I could ever give them in return.   


In reflection of my life, I realize that I am not just the mother of my children, but have also been the mother (coach) to many other people that I have encountered on my path.  I remember early in my career, being labelled, "Mother Earth", because I believed that every one was unique and had strengths that just needed to be observed and channelled for success. Just image what the world would be like if we all focused on our gifts and how we could help each other be the best we can be.  A quote I heard today, " Life is just the journey of who you are to who you are meant to be!" 


Whether you be a mother or not, take your heart-felt place in life and make a difference! 








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As I ponder my business transformation and how to grow and expand my services, I am sure I am not alone in contemplation of what is my value and worth and what am I really here to do!  I have never hesitated to take courses to learn new skills or techniques but somehow I felt I needed to struggle through by myself in my business development.  Thank goodness for me I have woken up and I have now engaged a Spiritual Business coach to help guide me in my own spiritual and business transformation.  This is an enriching experience and one that I strongly resonate with.  So I am sure that I am on the path to offer this myself in future.  Stay tuned as my business evolves with my conscious expansion!


One of the books that was recommended for me to read is, "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  It is a quick yet enticing read focusing on what are The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success.  I highly recommended you read this book if you are trying to attract more JOY, Abundance and success into your life.