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Labyrinth Event :  Don't miss this weekend's event


Saturday June 19th is our 3rd Annual Labyrinth Celebration.  We have a great line-up of talent and holistic practitioners and vendors lined up such as: beautiful song from Pam Gerrand of Stratford, Drumming meditation with Rozanna, Kirtan Chanting, Mediumship Readings, Meditation, Yoga, Bodytalk, Quantum Touch, Reflexology, EFT, Akashic Records, Angel Readings, Crystals, natural products and wholesome foods, etc.. The goal this year is to bring in a greater variety of talent and holistic practitioners broadening the awareness of what complementary services are available. The overall theme also being finding PEACE within ourselves and the earth.  I hope to see you out! 

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Here is a link to a link to one of Pam Gerrand's song that I am sure you will enjoy.   Love is All 

Soul Alignment - walk your authentic truth, recognizing the source of all healing, wellness and life's abundance is within you! 


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Healthy Tips


Last newsletter I spoke of a book called, "Slow Death By Rubber Duck..  How the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health".   


Well a friend of mine send me a copy of this clip, I think it puts a picture to some of what you read and become aware of in that book.  Are we aware of what we are doing to your physical body?


Enjoy this Youtube clip


I am not promoting the company that shared this clip with us however I have used many of their natural products and they work quite well and are very affordable.  I know they are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire.  Canadian Tire even sells the refill bags so you don't have to purchase new bottles each time. 


Educate yourself and take action for the health and wellness of yourself, your loved ones and our Earth.


Here is a couple of very informative websites:




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June 2010 Newsletter

Namaste, Kim 


Good Morning to all.  I hope you make the time to drop by our Labyrinth Celebration this weekend.  I am so excited with all the interest, it will be a fabulous day.  See Labyrinth event section for more details. 


We now have a new tradition within my immediate family that at the birth of all new babies (souls), we plant a tree to celebrate this new life with mother earth.  So for my grandson Quincy, his parents have chose a cherry tree which will be planted on his 1st birthday coming up in July.  In search for the perfect young cherry tree my husband and I found out some interesting facts that  we were not aware of.  Most fruit trees (apple, pears, etc.) need to be planted in pairs or have another fruit tree near by for cross pollination.  Cherry trees have a bit of a twist.  Sour Cherries are self-pollinating yet sweet cherry need cross pollination.  If you think of the human qualities of this, it reminds me that when we have supporting relationships in our life, we can blossom and grow into who we are or meant to be finding the sweetness of life. So in support of this and to help send a message to the universe that we are inter-connected, we are planting a cherry tree that has grafts of two different kinds of sour and sweet cherries.  I look forward to enjoying the sweet and sometimes the sour of life and Quincy's cherries.


 If you were a cherry tree, would you be sour or sweet? 







Recommended Reading: 


My recommendation for this month is a book that you can share with the children in your life, Peaceful Piggy Mediation by Kerry Lee MacLean.  This is book speaks to finding the peaceful place inside yourself.  The book reflects on what a peaceful place is, how to find it and what affect it can have on your life.  My favourity line of the book is, "Best of all, when you're feeling peaceful, you like who you are, just as you are."  The book has lovely art work that children of very young ages will be attracted to. 


The author sets the following intent, "Can you imagine an entire family getting up fifteen minutes early just to practice peacefully being together for ten minutes a day?  Now imagine what if would be like for a child to carry that experience with him for the rest of the day.  Meditation is a lifelong discipline that, when practiced daily, soothes the mind and calms emotions, giving both children and adults an invaluable still point within."