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Cherie Carpenter of  BodyTalk Central - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk Access Trainer


Karen Yoworski of BodyTalk Ontario - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Ion cleanse and Reflexology within Kitchener / Waterloo area


Tracey Clark of  www.integrationtherapeutics.com
is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Usui Reiki, certified Nutritional Advisor, Pilates and Hatha Yoga Instructor. Also check out the variety of Spiritual and Healing workshops she offers.


Little Mango Tree - Yoga for Life - Owners and Yoga instructors Lalitadevi and Anandaroopa - Yoga for all ages, Kirtan Chanting and Drumming, and various holistic events


Kerrilynn Shelhorn - Heart centered tips and tools for families to heal, grow and love together.   She is now also offering her Mediumship skills and Spiritual Intuitive Life Coaching.  Check out her website for more info http://kerrilynnshellhorn.weebly.com


The Happy Monks providing mediation courses, inspirational talks/workshops, vegetarian cooking classes, and reiki / energy work


Wanda Csanyi of  Reflection Spa - Certified Esthetician, Yoga & Holistic Practitioner - call 519-537-6608 reflectionsyogaandwellness.ca


Pat Gooch of Cloud 9 Freedom (Stratford) - call 519-271-0455 for Quantum Touch (R), Reflexology and Crystal Energy healing.


Ruth Desmarais of Gladstone Osteopathy - call 519-421-7515 or email gladstoneosteopathy@yahoo.com


Divine Healing - Elizabeth Foley - As an international Angelologist and spokesperson for the celestial hierarchy, Elizabeth conducts private angel readings and sessions and facilitates unique spiritual workshops and programs on angels, psychic development and soul therapy.

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Thanks to those that contributed to content on this site:

Reference sites and interesting articles


International BodyTalk Association - www.ibaglobalhealing.com 

A worldwide organizatino providing vision, tools and training for the future of life science.


Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. - Uncovering the Biology of Belief, think beyond your genes.


Excellence natural product reference - The Guide to Less Toxic Products www.lesstoxicguide.ca


Check out Maggie Savage's blog - Sheletthemeatcake - for great info and amazing recipes for gluten free cooking and baking.  Maggie, thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom.


Indigo Children - The New Kids have Arrived.


The Indigos - Helping, healing and understanding the children of Today!


The Healing Powers of Nature

AD/HD's Outdoor Cure - Playing outdoors may curb the disorder. Read more


Understanding theVacination Controversy - article from Natural Life Magazine


Are Vaccines Safe?  by Mary Tocco


Amazing Book for you to share with your children - Child of Mine, Know this


What the Bleep do we know? - Read more - Great movie to expand awareness!  I have a copy in my office if you would like to sign it out..




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