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Just for today, do no worry

Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, honour your parents, teachers and elders

Just for today, earn your living honestly

Just for today, show gratitude to everything




What is Reiki?

Rei is defined as Universal Consciousness and ki is energy - the life force that flow through all living things. Reiki flows naturally through the hands of anyone who has been initiated by a Reiki Master. Reiki returns the individual to a balanced energy state (a deep peace and harmony), enhancing the potential for self-healing.


How does Reiki Heal?

Life force flows through and around the body.  The life force that surrounds the body is often called the aura or life field.  The life field forms a mould, which is filled with matter.  The life force directs and organizes matter. It flows into the body through the crown (top of head) supplying the body its energy, and flows into the earth through the feet.  Our thoughts positive or negative – flow through the body and into the world at a particular frequency.  In this way, negative thoughts or feelings can cause blocks in the physical body, which directly affect the amount of energy we give to the world.  Energy flows from the earth into the body through the feet and back out through the crown.  Blocks occur on the level of mind (stress), emotions (sadness, grief, fear, worry), and the physical body (pain, disease, etc.). 


Reiki healing energy is drawn through the practitioner by the recipient's own energy centres (known as Chakras).  The practitioner has no part in the healing of another person, other than being an empty channel for the energy to flow.  The energy flows to the upset areas of the life field increasing the vibration frequency and breaking up blocks.  Once the block is broken up the life force will freely flow.  The affects of the healing will often occur immediately or in the days following the healing.  On a physical level the body will often feel lighter and pain free.  Emotionally the person will be lifted, and feel happy.  Peace of mind occurs as the thought that caused the block is seen in a new light.  This is true healing.


Who will benefit from a Reiki session?

Reiki is suitable for people of all ages, health conditions, and walks of life.  Reiki can help with stress reduction, relaxation, managing, reducing and eliminating pain, and with gaining focus in life.  It can help in creating a sense of well being, and increase energy.  It can boost recovery from surgery and illness, and accelerates the healing process.



                           Relax &











Reiki Healing Session


During a session the practitioner gently places her/his hands on or slightly above you.  Different hand placements are used to treat the whole body.  Hands are held stationary and with each hand placement, healing energy is drawn into your body.  You may feel a wide variety of things during the session, both physically and emotionally, all of which occur naturally as part of the healing process.  Pay attention to your body and mind for about a week following the treatment. Your body will need time to integrate the healing energy and adjust to the shift that has occurred.  Drink a lot of water to help cleanse your body.


Kim Corbin


519 535-1692



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